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Kawasaki ZX-6R Ninja 600cc, 2009, 125PS, 240Km/H

Got it 23. oct. 2022 • 0-100km/H 2.9 seconds • top 243 km/H • synet 1.9.2022 29.000km • stel JKAZX600PPA040010 • min. vægt 200Kg • årlig afgifter 810kr •

Kawasaki ZX9R Ninja

Sold late 2022, but I got it 2. sept. 2018. Specs: Build year 1998, 900ccm, 143PS, 270Km/H (enough for me right now), 19L tank, code ZX900-C1

I bought it to celebrate that 2 days before I had been "given 2 new eyes" - cataract operation on both eyes 24. and. 31. august 2018.

I was nearly blind for many months with -7 and -9 and moderate cataract on both eyes. I am so greatful to live in Denmark with the opportunity of this kind of operation. Now I have silicone (from an eye operation in 2012) and acryllic plastic in my right eye, but test at the hospital and my optician show, that my vision is nearly perfect like 20/20 - a wonder and a miracle. I have communicated a lot with my eyes the last many weeks and taken minerals and other good stuff for my eyes.

Yamaha YZF R1

2016 I had Yamaha, YZF R1, 1000 ccm, model 2002 - RN095, dry weight 180kg, 150HK/PS, top speed 295Km/H, 5th fastest bike in the world, stolen summer 2017, when I was in south america.

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