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2017, June, Brazil and Africa

Iguazu Waterfall (Argentina/Brazil), Victoria Falls Waterfall, Zimbabwe and Safari Chobe National park, Botswana


June 2017: Winter in Rio, afternoon airport, 30 minutes drive to unknown 'hotel', that was recommended by someone, I trusted. Complete darkness, taxi up a very steep road in favela. The electricity was gone in the area - for hours. I met man from hotel on the dark road. Took out my torch.

Walked a few minutes and suddenly I saw 3 heavy loaded policemen with guns pointing in one direction. I got down, turned off my torch, said the same to the man from the hotel, hiding and protecting myself behind a car. I realized that I was a target. One of the policemen said, that we should go that way. I hoped nobody would shoot the moment I got up and moved to the left. Later I realized, that I had been 'recommended' a pretty dangerous area.

Christos symbol

What a trip to get to the top! It took some time with cars and busses. First we got into the 'wrong' park and nearly met bandidos. We were warned by 2 policemen in the park. Finally we reach the top. In an escalator I asked 'Anyone wants to go to Heaven?' Nobody ! It was interesting to see how many people travel so far to worship a BIG STONE ! I prefer a waterfall, so I flew to this waterfall:

Iguazu Waterfall, Argentina side

My original plan about visiting a person was cancelled. Now where to go? A friend in Denmark suggested Costa Rica. OK, I booked flight and hotel. Went to Sao Paulo for some days. Terrible city, 22 million people, very noisy, no green areas. Early morning flight to Columbia, but surprise at check-in. First a young british woman, living and working in Sao Paulo was rejected. Then I was also rejected. Reason: I had been more than 6 days in Brazil. Risk of yellow fever. No other reason given. Money back? No way. I did NOT bring my vaccination card, stupid me. 600USD gone with the wind.

I spent 10 hours in the airport trying to figure out, what country to go to. I talked with many persons, who knew absolutely nothing. Only country in South America, who would take me, was Peru. I just wanted to get out of South America fast as possible. I looked at google maps. I am here, Denmark is there, OK Africa is on the way home.

I like Waterfalls, found out about Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe, just north of South Africa. Would Soutch Africa take me? Finally I found on the second floor in the airport a remote office for South African Airlines and after 5 minutes discussion, a man asked me: How old are you? 65, I replied. OK, he said, "then you can enter South Africa". The reason about 65 I still do not know. A week before I left Denmark I turned 65. Suddenly I was VERY happy being that old ;-)

I booked a flight to Johannesburg and from Jo'burg to VicFalls, Zimbabwe. I was actually nervous sitting in the plane that somebody would come and pick me up, but when the plane took off, I calmed down. Sitting next to Veronica from Argentina we spoke german during the night to South Africa, 8 hours flight.

I had booked something, that I thought was a small room, but it was a TENT outside. If I had been 22, maybe ok. I dropped it and didn't know anything about the city of Victoria Falls and hotels. I came on a Friday and on the sunday there was a maraton in town, so all maybe rooms in town were booked. Short story: A man called one of his friends and he had together with his wife a guest house a little outside of town.

Simba was very nice, picked me up and I was lucky to meet Simba and Blessing, see videos below. I stayed here for 5 days, before I headed home for Denmark.

I booked tours for the weekend and started with:

Safari, Chobe National Park, Botswana

Victoria Falls, Waterfall, Zimbabwe, Helicopter, Rip Off

I paid 150USD for 10 minutes helicopter, sitting with 4-5 other people in a small chopper. The helicopters fly EVERY day 6-8 hours making a lot of noise, disturbing animals AND people. Each helicopter can make 2-3.000 USD PER HOUR and I saw 2 helicopters. White people rule.

Victoria Falls, Waterfall, Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe has been ruled by Mugabe the last nearly 40 years. The british rulers gave him the country. Google his name and you find ugly things about him. Zimbabwe has an unemployment rate of 90 - NINETY. In general I got the impression, that the white people still exploit the black people. Sometimes I went to the city with Simba and I NEVER saw a white and a black person together! There was NO MONEY IN THE BANK. USDollars are used as money. If a black man wants to borrow money from a white bank, he has to pay 20% interest. [an error occurred while processing this directive]