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My previous Sony X70 broke down! too expensive to fix.

2022: Sony AX53 Sony AX53

Lavalier microphone

Roede's PinMic is very good. You hardly see it. The cord runs underneath your shirt. It is perfect for my voice, maybe not for your voice. I use it for all my 'talk to camera' recordings.

The classic AT3350 lavalier microphone, good for female voices and fantastic value for money. I do NOT use it anymore, but great for the price.


After reading this review about Panasonic Lumix TZ-100 compact, I bought it. 20.1MP 1" High Sensitivity MOS Sensor. 4K. Very good also for video. I have done lots of photos of products for my webshop.

Falcon Eyes Bi-Color LED Lamp Sophiez SO-28TD, youtube video

Good as backlight, but also very ok, if you need a bit extra light indoor in daylight. Distributor Europe, diff. models

Audio recorders

I have had some audio recorders from the 2 japanese companies Zoom and Tascam (former TEAC, when I was young), starting with Zoom H4n, but I destroyed it by putting chinese batteries into it. The batteries had higher voltage than 1.2V, and I was not aware of that. BANG and gone!

After that I used Tascam DR-40 for voice over. Here is a fantastic review of the DR-40. The built in mics are very good. I also I get good result using the DR-40 with Rode Pinmic connnected with Rode Micon-5 to XLR input. I can NOT use it as usb connected audio interface to my pc, do not know why. Zoom H5 works fine as USB audio interface. DR-40X is a newer model:DR-40X at

Zoom H1n handy recorder 89 EUR.

Tascam DL-10 field recorder + lavalier mic

Tascam DL-10 thomann.deVideo Tascam DL-10

Zoom H5 portable audio recorder

Zoom stereo XYH-5 capsule with shock mounted mics

Zoom stereo XYH-6 capsule with adjustable mics

shop I use that for voice (over) recording

Zoom SGH-6 shotgun Microphone Capsule for Zoom H-6 & H-5, incl. hairy windscreen, super-cardioid polar pattern


Zoom aph 5 Zoom APH-5, Accessories Pack, contains AC adapter AD17, Haired Windjammer WSU-1 and Wired Remote Controller RCH-5

Sony FDR-X3000 action cameraUS shop 368 USD
DE shop 430 EUR

Software: Audacity og Camtasia Studio for Windows

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