belongs to Michael Maardt

1.000+ webpages on several domains in 3 languages,
2 webshops, 2.500 photos and 100+ videos.

  • 1995 Approx no 500 .dk (before was made !). I wrote and published the worlds first computer booklet (softbook). Sold one million booklets in Denmark. 420 webpages.

  • 1997 I continued in the german market and sold 7 million booklets with 100+ different titles. I sold the company 2004. 100+ webpages

  • 2008 comparing psychotherapy educations / schools in Denmark to help people choose the right one. 50 webpages. I stopped updating this side approx. 2011, when I started with the water.

  • 2011 I published my pH.D. in sociology from the University of Copenhagen (danish). Contains the True Theory of Knowledge (Aristoles = simple logic, Hegel = dialectical logic and now paradoxical logic). 40 webpages.

  • 2011 some translation of into english

  • 2011 after a kidney stone attack I started informing about water, waterfiltration methods AND selling water filters especially reverse osmosis. 100 static webpages and 200+ products in the shop - in danish and english. More than 100 videos on youtube in danish, english and german. I did research 2011-2012 and wrote in danish, english and german at the same time AND took 2000+ photos for the shop and made 50+ product videos.

  • 2016 partly translation of my danish water filters website into german. 60 webpages.

  • 2017 Waterfilters and webshop for Western Europe. The best from my danish water filter website. Partial translation of my danish water filters website. 60 webpages

  • 2018 A message about your relation to moneyh. My translation of a book from the last century.

  • 2018 sept An offer to my neighbours: They can rent me driving my trailer to move something, primarely left overs from the garden. I live in summerhouse in the largest sommerhouse area in Denmark.